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Note: The video in the sample above is much smaller than the actual video size you'll be buying. Actual video size is 1280 x 800 for all videos in this package.

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Expert Tutorials For WordPress Beginners

The 44-Plus-More videos in this Lifetime Membership package were produced by a real WordPress trainer for beginners. You will be thankful for having these easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials at your fingertips, so you can get started using the current version of WordPress without all the fuss.

People pay for easy solutions within their budget. When you join our Lifetime Membership you will see how simple setting up WordPress really is by following these videos, and you will be able to setup your own fully functional wordpress site like a Pro.

New 16-Part Videos for Version 4.3 (Added on November 18, 2015)

This is our latest addition to the growing collection. Videos are in HD

  • Video One: Instant Install
  • Video Two: Manual Install
  • Video Three: Cleanup
  • Video Four: Security
  • Video Five: Dashboard Tour
  • Video Six: Page vs. Post
  • Video Seven: Create Page
  • Video Eight: Create Post
  • Video Nine: Plugins
  • Video Ten: Theme
  • Video Eleven: Widget
  • Video Twelve: Menu
  • Video Thirteen: Basic SEO
  • Video Fourteen: Brute Force Prevent
  • Video Fifteen: What Is WP?
  • Video Sixteen: WP Org vs. WP Com

44 Videos (Added August 2015) For WordPress

High Quality and Professional Videos For WordPress 4.2+

We just added this new set of another 44 videos as of August, 2015 for version 4.2

NOTE (This new package consists of a mix of video sizes ranging from 800 x 600 to 1084 x 644)

  • What is WordPress
  • vs
  • Logging Into WordPress
  • The WordPress Dashboard
  • The WordPress Admin Toolbar Settings
  • Pages and Posts in WordPress
  • Writing a Post in WordPress
  • Inserting Pictures into a Post in WordPress
  • The Media Library
  • Formatting Your Posts in WordPress
  • How To Schedule Your Posts
  • Categories and Tags
  • Pages in WordPress
  • Pages in WordPress 2
  • Page Templates
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Installing Plugins in WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • Customizing Appearance
  • Installing WordPress Themes
  • Making a Custom Menu
  • Comments in Your WordPress Site
  • Users in Your WordPress Site
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Working With the Header Image
  • Working With the Background Image
  • Editing Images in WordPress
  • Setting a Featured Image
  • Inserting Audio into Your Posts
  • Inserting Special Characters Into Your Posts
  • Inserting Videos Into Your Posts
  • Inserting YouTube Videos Into Your Posts
  • Working With Fonts In WordPress
  • Creating Links to Other Posts
  • Creating Links to Other Sites
  • Removing Links
  • Combating Comment Spam
  • Turning Off Comments Notifications
  • Changing the Display Name
  • Changing the Admin Account Password
  • What to Do When WordPress is Not Updating
  • How To Remove "Powered by WordPress"

Added May, 2015 for Version 4.1.2!

7-part WordPress for Beginners Video Series (Plus Introduction Video)

Another additon to this package as of May, 2015. This is an excellent 7-part video series that covers everything a beginner needs to get set up with WordPress quickly and easily.

Each Video is 1280 x 720 HD and includes both a web-ready videos version and MP4 videos version.

  • First Video: Introduction Video - Duration 1:49
  • Second Video: Install WordPress - Duration 13:09
  • Third Video: Plugins and Themes - Duration 12:57
  • Fourth Video: Settings - Duration 7:12
  • Fifth Video: Blog Setup - Duration 10:32
  • Sixth Video: Creating a Website - Duration 8:36
  • Seventh Video: Squeeze Page - Duration 8:38
  • Eighth Video: Theme Editing - Duration 4:09

44 New Videos For WordPress Version 4.0

High Quality and Professional Videos For WordPress 4.0+

(Each video is task-specific and brief so as not to waste your time or confuse you your going to love using these videos for setting up your WordPress sites!)

  • How To Add An Image
  • How To Add A Link
  • How To Add Media
  • How To Add Video
  • How To Buy A Domain
  • How To Change Text
  • How To Setup A Contact Page
  • How To Create A Blog
  • How To Create A Page
  • How To Create A Post
  • How To Create A Zip File
  • How To Disable Comments
  • How To Display Content
  • How To Create A Download Link
  • How To Create A Download Page
  • All About Header Code
  • How To Set Up A Help Desk
  • How To Create A Homepage
  • How To Install A Plugin
  • How To Install A Theme
  • How To Create An Email Forwarder
  • How To Set Up Menus
  • How To Use Line Breaks
  • How To Moderate Comments
  • One Penny Hosting
  • How To Password Protect A Page
  • How To Set Up Permalinks
  • How To Set Up A Redirect
  • How To Secure A Download Page
  • How To Setup DNS
  • How To Stop Spam
  • How To Align An Image
  • How To Align Text
  • How To Set Up An Autoresponder
  • How To Set Up An Aweber Form
  • How To Use Aweber Comments
  • How To Perform A Backup
  • How To Cloak Links
  • How To Create Emails
  • How To Create A Link In An Email
  • How To Create An Exit Popup
  • How To Track Sales
  • How To Use Widgets
  • How To Set Up A Split Test

Bonus Videos With Your Purchase!

To sweeten the deal even more, we've included the bonus video packages listed below, making this a truly valuable offer.

Bonus #1

WordPress Video Tutorials Version 3.8

This is another set of excellent video tutorials for WordPress beginners. They were created early 2014 before version 3.9 came out. Still relevant and covering a lot of ground, there are 11 videos in this package: See a sample from this package below:

[NOTE] The actual video size is much larger than the sample video. All videos in this package are 1024 x 768.

  • 01. Getting Started With WordPress
  • 02. Installing WordPress Quickly
  • 03. Configure WordPress Easily
  • 04. Introduction To Plugins
  • 05. Installing Plugins
  • 06. Adding Pages and Posts
  • 07. Adding Pictures and Videos
  • 08. Introduction To Themes
  • 09. How To Use Widgets
  • 10. Using WordPress Menus
  • 11. Setup A Simple WordPress Site

Bonus #2

Creating The Ultimate Sales Funnel

The 17 videos in this bonus package show how to create a sales funnel, step by step, and provides a lot of expert guidance, tips and tricks to boot! Have a look at the video sample below:

[NOTE] The actual video size is much larger than the sample video. All videos in this package are 1024 x 768.

  • 01. What is a Sales Funnel and why do I need one?
  • 02. The 3 things your Funnel MUST have
  • 03. How to get good product ideas for your offers
  • 04. What makes a great FREE Offer
  • 05. How to create an effective squeeze page
  • 06. The best ways to deliver your products
  • 07. How to create PDFs for your reports
  • 08. The basics of recording video products
  • 09. The free HTML editor software you can use
  • 10. WordPress Themes for your pages
  • 11. The free FTP software you can use
  • 12. Product types that sell well as OTOs
  • 13. Pricing you frontend and backend products
  • 14. How many upsells you should have
  • 15. Increase customer value on the backend
  • 16. Understanding EPC and customer value
  • 17. How to monetize your download page

Bonus #3

 How To Sell Services And Make A Killing Doing It

Selling services is perhaps the easiest way to get started making money online without a lot of initial expenses. These 17 tutorial videos are some of the most useful guidance videos we've ever seen covering this type of online business model. See the video sample below:

[NOTE] The actual video size is much larger than the sample video. All videos in this package are 1024 x 768.

  • 01. Why Sell Services?
  • 02. Services That Can Be Sold
  • 03. Determine Your Strengths
  • 04. Great Places To Get Work
  • 05. Selling Packages vs Individual Services
  • 06. Selling Design Services
  • 07. Selling Writing Services
  • 08. Selling Technical Services
  • 09. Selling WordPress Installation Services
  • 10. Selling Turnkey Packages
  • 11. Setting Up PLR for People
  • 12. Selling Services To Offline Clients
  • 13. Turn Small Jobs Into Big Paydays
  • 14. Fastest and Easiest Ways To Get Paid
  • 15. The Best Kind of Clients To Get
  • 16. Getting Others To Do The Work For You
  • 17. A Word of Caution About Selling Services

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