Finally, A Video Series That Teaches You WordPress in a Way That's So Simple to Understand You Can Have Your Blog or Site Up and Running in Just One Day!

Created and produced by Phil Kerner, a regular guy who's become a real WP expert. This video series starts you with the basics of WordPress and can you into a WordPress wizard, too!

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So…  you want to set up a blog or a website using WordPress.

You’ve no doubt heard that WordPress is the easiest and fastest way to set up a site or blog, but you want to do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

Welcome to WordPress for Beginners

This is the video series that is helping thousands of people “understand and implement” WordPress, even if they have never done anything like this before.

kerner-picWordPress for Beginners was created by me, Phil Kerner. I’m a blue-collar tool and die guy from Erie, Pennsylvania. After I went through the learning curve of discovering everything I wanted to know about WordPress I discovered a lot of other people, like you, wanted to know how to use it, too.

The problem is most of the training for WordPress is too techy-sounding or too complicated for people like me and maybe you. So I created a video series the average guy and gal can understand. I mean you don’t need a degree in computer sciences or be online for ten years to know how to use WordPress. And my video series proves it.

I know and you’ve probably heard a lot of about WordPress. It’s a free software. Yes, it’s free. And with it you can create any website or blog in just minutes. It’s true.

But there is a lot more to the WordPress than just the software. There is a multitude of graphic themes that lets you create any look and feel you want for your blog or site.  And there are dozens of plug-ins that allow you to do all sort of amazing things with your website or blog, too!

That’s the real power of WordPress. Flexibility. And that’s also the power of WordPress for Beginners. It’s a simple, easy to understand set of videos you can watch whenever you want that walks you through each aspect of WordPress.

Listen to Phil on the “5 Questions Segment” from the MONEYROOM radio show!

Use the first few videos to get to know and install WordPress. Use the next couple of videos to change your theme or add a plug-in. And as you get more comfortable or need to know more about WordPress, watch the specific video to learn what you need to know at that point.


Who is Phil Kerner and why should you listen to him? Phil Kerner is the creator of the WordPress for Beginners videos. He has the #1 Rated Video about WordPress on YouTube. So far 189,469 people have watch his video. That’s how he discovered there was a real need for this video series.
“Using this platform for my clients I’m always interested in a product that encourages and teaches the ins & outs of WordPress. What Phil Kerner has done with WordPress for Beginners is shorten your learning curve with simple to understand language and easy to follow videos. This video series is straight-forward information with a down-to-earth personal approach. Well done.”
Michael Lamb, Branded Internet Radio Inc.

The fact is learning WordPress has never been easier. Inside this series you’ll find all the video instruction you need to set up your own blog or website using WordPress, easily and effortlessly.

You’ll discover:

blue-bullet  Short and easy-to-follow video tutorials on over 40 WordPress topics in one place so you can stop wasting your time “searching” and start spending your time “publishing”

blue-bullet  All of the little “tricks” I use to get WordPress to put stuff like photos, videos and links where you want them on the page so your blog looks professional and clean

blue-bullet  All of the “plugins” I use, why I use them, and why you should use them, too!

blue-bullet  What needs to be in your header at the top of the page and why so visitors immediately know what your site or blog is about

blue-bullet  How to track your visitors so you know how many of them you’re getting, how long they’re staying, and what they’re reading

blue-bullet  How to monetize your blog so you’re making some bucks from your efforts

blue-bullet  How to cut your articles off with a “continue reading” line so you can fit more articles on your front page

There’s even more, plus:

  • How to “force” visitors to your blog to end up where you want them to so they’re being routed to your most important information
  • How to “hide” pages and posts so they are only available to those who pay for them or sign up for your email list so your best content can be protected if you choose
  • How to add keywords and relevant tags to your work so search engines like Google can find your work

All of the tutorials are in the right order so you can easily start and finish the entire course the way it was intended to be taught.

You can watch, stop, or pause each video as often as you need to so you can learn at your own pace. The complete list of the course is on one single page so everything is easy to find when you need it.

Every video tutorial is recorded in High-Definition (HD) so you can view them in “full screen” mode for the best learning experience. All of the videos are available 24/7 forever so that you can learn any time of the day or night.

There is no special software required to download so you can start immediately without needing to purchase anything else. You can take this course with you wherever you go because it’s completely hosted online.

WordPress for Beginners has all the information you need about this blogging and website software. If fact, you can watch, learn and install your first blog or WordPress website in a single day.

All the videos are short and easy to understand. That’s another reason WordPress for Beginners is so good. The information on each video is in chunks and with regular language anyone can understand and learn.

I created WordPress for Beginners because I know there are people struggling, trying to make sense of this whole Internet thing. There are many people who still don’t have a blog or a website up, but they know they need to do it.

 “I just wanted to say thank you for the weekly tips. I’ve been struggling with WordPress since last year (on and off, mostly off) and your videos and tips have helped tremendously.  Great job!!  Thank you!!”
Wendy McLeod, WordPress for Beginners Customer

“So Easy to Use and Understand”

“Having found “WordPress For Beginners” I can say that I haven’t looked back. So easy to use and to understand. If you have a WordPress Website you need to have this guidance from “WordPress For Beginners.”

Andy Allgood, Director
World of Detailing Ltd


WordPress for Beginners now makes it possible for anyone to set up a site or blog with a few simple steps. In no time you’ll know more about the Internet and WordPress than you ever thought possible. And all from a video series that costs you less a new shirt.

You get access to all these WordPress videos which you can download, watch and learn whenever you like. And the entire series is only $14.97. That’s just pennies per video to learn the most powerful blogging and website platform, plus some great blog-building and web traffic strategies.

I spent months putting this video series together for you. I’ve included much of what I’ve spent years online learning. You will be amazed at what I’ve put into each of these short videos.

You get all of my knowledge of WordPress. I’ve put my heart and soul into this video package because I don’t want you to get stuck. There are no missing pieces here. You get everything you need to know to have a very successful experience with your WordPress blog or website.

Order now and pay only $14.97 for the entire WordPress for Beginners video library. There are over 50 videos in the series. Some you’ll want to watch immediately. Others you might need to watch later. Once you order, you’ll have instant access to watch each video now and at anytime you need to watch in the future.

I looked all over the Internet and I’ve never seen a video series like this. I promise you each and every video is easy to watch and even easier to learn.

Whatever you want or need to know for your site or blog is in WordPress for Beginners.

“I was ready to give up on ever “getting it together” with WordPress…way too complicated and the support forums are mostly for “tekkies” only….WordPress for Beginners was the best thing that ever happened to me! All of your lessons are easy to understand and finally, everything made sense! Thanks so much for helping us “newbies” with your great instruction!
Leah Humphries, Apple Creative

“Wonderful Instruction”

Phil, I recently purchased your the “WordPress For Beginners” course…and I love it! Very easy to follow. I just need to find the time to do all that it says. I work two jobs. Someday I may be able to just work websites thanks to your wonderful instruction. The videos are so easy to follow and I know I will be a WordPress expert by May 2013.”

Jack Barrett


Get my video series today and have your blog or website installed by tonight. Become a hero to your family or staff and get that blog or site going now.

Don’t let this video series pass you by. I can’t guarantee how long this price will last, but right now at $14.97 for all the videos in the series this a real bargain.

Get WordPress for Beginners and let me teach you all you need to know.


Oh, and let me tell you about my WordPress for Beginners Blue Collar Guarantee. I don’t like hassles and I’ll just bet you don’t either. So here’s my guarantee for the product.

Go ahead and purchase WordPress for Beginners. Watch a few of the videos. If you don’t like my video series for whatever reason, you get your money back with a simple email. I don’t care the reason, even if you don’t like the sound of my voice, if it isn’t everything I say it is and more, you’ll get a refund. And that’s that.

Now don’t go buying this video series unless you’re honestly and seriously interested in learning WordPress or wanting to put up your own site or blog. That’s a fair request, isn’t it? If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

But if you do, if you need a video series like this one to teach you and show you the ins and outs of WordPress, then get it now. Just know there is a full 30 day, for whatever reason you don’t like it, Blue Collar money back guarantee.

You must like it or I’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

I would also like to know what you think about the video series and how it’s helped you. Yes, I’m asking for a testimonial from you even before you try it. Because I know you’ll like it, maybe even love it, and use it to learn all you need to know about WordPress. And your testimonial will help others see the real power of the videos.

So that’s my offer. It’s a sound one. WordPress for Beginners will make you a master of whatever site or blog you need it for.

And don’t forget, with new updates, plugins and features, I’ll be adding additional videos to your WordPress for Beginners video library.

Go ahead and click below to order now with confidence!



Here’s to seeing your new WordPress site or blog!





P.S. I really want you to have this video series. That’s why I’ve priced it so low. And remember you have my full WordPress for Beginners Blue Collar 30 Day Guarantee. If you don’t like my work you get your money back. No questions asked. Order now and get your WordPress site or blog up!